How Can I Learn To Draw And Is It Difficult?

Have you ever thought about learning to draw or improving your drawing style, but were intimidated because you thought that you lack creative ability? We have some good news for you!

Everyone can become an artist and it is definitely not a skill that people are born with. All it takes is practice and maybe a few ideas that get you started.

If you asked yourself, how can I learn to draw? Here are some resources that will help get you started in no time.

Especially, in the beginning it is important that you don’t get frustrated and become your own worst critic. Just believe in the process and do a monthly check-in on your progress.

In this article we will help you explore some of the tools that will get you on the right path. You’ll learn about different books, courses and platforms that well help you grow as a beginning artist. You’ll also discover various methods such as sketching, drawing, painting and more.

The following are some of our favorite books

Jeff Mellem’s book on How to Draw People: Step-by-Step Lessons for Figures and Poses

His book will help you develop a deeper understanding of how to draw human figures. The human body is unique and sketching people can be difficult even for seasoned artists. How to draw people will guide you through various methods in each chapter. The book is available both a physical and kindle format.

Carrie Stuart Parks’ and Rick Parks’ book The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for Drawing People, Animals and More

This book is not just helpful for beginners, but can also be used as a reference for drawing various people and objects. The guide covers more than 40 different lessons and provides you instructions on how to draw basically anything. You’ll also

If you prefer video instructions, check out one of these drawing courses:

The Art & Science of Drawing / BASIC SKILLS by Brent Eviston

This course will teach you how to draw any shape it also includes tutorials that will show you how to hold your pencil or how to analyze a subject. There are already more than 50,000 students that took this course and the course seems to get updated frequently. Overall, the course has 2 sections, 17 lectures and takes more than 4 hours to complete. By the end of the course you should have gained a good understanding of intermediate level artistry skills.

The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

The bestselling course will teach you about drawing objects, light and shadow as well as help you explore the fundamentals of art. The class was created by Jaysen Batchelor and Quiton Batchelor two artists that have taught more than 1 million students between them. Topics in this course also include perspective drawing and human faces. With over 420,000 students, this course is one of the most popular courses on Udemy. There are 12 sections and 63 lectures in this online course. Completing the course will take around 11 hours.

The Colored Pencil Drawing Course

Matthew Fussell’s course The Colored Pencil Drawing Course teaches you about drawing with colored pencils. By taking this course you’ll learn about the different pencil types, drawing portraits, transferring drawings and how to work with watercolor. Topics in this course include color theory, colored pencil techniques, drawing landscapes, creating textures and more. More than 20,000 students have already enrolled in this online course and Udemy lists the class as a bestseller. The course is more than 5 hours long and has 22 lectures.

Don’t want to pay anything? Check out these Youtube channels that will definitely show you how you can learn to draw.

RapidFire Art by Darlene

Darlene agrees with the statement that really anyone can learn to draw. She publishes instructional videos that will teach you how to draw people, animals and objects. By taking her lessons, you’ll learn things like drawing faces, shading and what items to buy. She is an expert in portraying emotions and is known for a very realistic drawing look.

Farjana Drawing Academy

On this channel you can find step-by-step drawing guides. Farjana’s channel already has more than 2 million subscribers. One of the benefits of using Youtube is that you can decide the speed of the video. In her drawing tutorials you’ll learn about drawing objects in motion, realistic people, manga and nature with a focus on getting emotions across. You can really find all different kinds of lessons on this channel and the best thing is that the instructions are for free.

Dan Beardshaw

Last but not least, Dan Beardshaw also offers various step-by-step drawing lessons on his Youtube channel. He covers various different topics for beginners, intermediate and experts. Some of the concepts taught on his channel include perspective drawing, understanding depths, creating scences, working with 3d objects, human body anatomy and more. His videos are definitely fun to watch so don’t forget to check out his channel.

I really hope that these resources will be useful on your journey of becoming a hobby or professional artist. It doesn’t matter what your creative abilities look like, everyone can improve their creative skills. So even if you have only one thing in this guide hopefully it is the understanding that anyone can learn how to draw.