12 Best UX (User Experience) Courses and Classes Online

Get insights from experienced UX designers by taking advantage of these top UX online courses.

User Experience (UX) is an often overlooked but important aspect of design. It is the study of how people interact with a product, service, or system. It is the idea that design should not be limited to the product alone but should also include the context in which the product is used.

User experience deals with the quality of interaction between the user and the product. This includes a wide range of issues such as the hardware interface, software interface, visual design, communication, the user interface design, and the overall ease of use.

Here are some of the best User Experience courses to help you become a better designer.

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User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX DesignIntro to UX: Fundamentals of UsabilityIntroduction to User Experience Design
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What is the best UX course for you?

1. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design

User Experience design is the process of creating products and experiences to meet the needs and wants of your users. Adobe XD is a powerful prototyping tool that can help you create digital designs faster, easier and more efficiently. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Adobe XD to create digital designs in a few easy steps.

This video class was created by Daniel Walter Scott (Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert) and Instructor HQ (Streamline your online course creation processes).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 13 Hours
Number of Students: 112,447 Students
Rating: 4.6 (28,474 Ratings)
Lessons: 94 Lectures

2. Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability

The intro to UX course is designed to teach users, from beginners to experienced designers and developers, the fundamental concepts of UX design. If you want to learn how to think like a user and become a better designer or developer, this course will help you get there.

This video course was created by Marieke McCloskey (Director of Research, UserTesting).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 21 Minutes
Number of Students: 21,249
Number of Reviews: 816
Lessons: 10

3. Introduction to User Experience Design

This course will teach you how to create a user-centered design process that will help you create intuitive, effective websites. Students will learn and practice the fundamental elements of a user-centered design process that include: strategy, research, wireframing, prototyping, testing and more.

The video class is taught by Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga (Senior Research Scientist).

Platform: Coursera
Duration: 22 Hours 14 Minutes
Number of Students: 32000
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology

4. User Experience Design Fundamentals

UX Design Fundamentals – The Complete Course is a complete, comprehensive guide that will take you from beginner to expert in the world of User Experience Design and User Interface design. This course will teach you all you need to know about UX design and give you all the skills you’ll need to build your own user-centered web or mobile app.

This lecture series is taught by Joe Natoli (29-year UX + Design Veteran; Consultant, Author & Speaker).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 10 Hours
Number of Students: 77,313 Students
Rating: 4.4 (10,019 Ratings)
Lessons: 54 Lectures

5. User Experience (UX): Training Guide to Usability and UX

User Experience (UX): Training Guide to Usability and UX is a comprehensive guide which helps you get started with user experience. It covers various aspects of user experience, user interface design, usability testing, and native app development.

This course is taught by David Travis (UX consultant and Udemy Outstanding Instructor).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 10.5 Hours
Number of Students: 20,608 Students
Rating: 4.6 (5,662 Ratings)
Lessons: 157 Lectures

6. UX Design Fundamentals

This course teaches you the fundamental principles of UX design, how to apply them in the real world and what it takes to become a successful UX designer.

The class is taught by Michael Worthington (Faculty, Program in Graphic Design).

Platform: Coursera
Duration: 22 Hours 14 Minutes
Number of Students: 32000
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Institution: California Institute of the Arts

7. User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamentals Course

If you want to design for the web, you need to be a UX designer. This course teaches you everything you need to know about user experience design in an easy to follow format.

This class is taught by Adam Treister (Architect & Technology Builder) and Pablo Stanley (Product Designer).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 3.5 Hours
Number of Students: 8,050 Students
Rating: 4.3 (1,927 Ratings)
Lessons: 39 Lectures

8. Principle for UX Design Online Class

A great course for anyone who wants to learn principles of user experience design. This comprehensive course is designed to take you all the way from understanding the key tools and techniques of UX design, right through to building beautiful, well-designed products that deliver on your users’ needs. You’ll start with the basics and work your way into more advanced topics like wireframing and prototyping.

This lecture series was created by Tom Green (LinkedIn Learning Author. Professor, Interactive Multimedia, Humber College).

Platform: Linkedin
Duration: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Number of Students: 0

9. Smart Responsive UX Design: Clever Tips, Tricks and Techniques

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a smart, responsive website that will be search engine friendly and make your customers happy. You’ll also learn about the tools you need to develop a good user experience, and much more.

This video class is taught by Vitaly Friedman (Editor-in-chief, Smashing Magazine).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Number of Students: 8,510
Number of Reviews: 393
Lessons: 14

10. Getting Started in User Experience Online Class

Are you new to UX? Then this course is for you! This course will teach you the basics of UX design and how to get started in the exciting field of User Experience.

The online course was created by Chris Nodder (Helping people find their way in User Experience — LinkedIn Learning instructor & UX consultant).

Platform: Linkedin
Duration: 22 Hours 14 Minutes
Number of Students: 0

11. Introduction to User Experience Principles and Processes

Whether you’re a designer, a developer, a project manager, or someone who is passionate about UX but doesn’t yet know much about it, this course will teach you the fundamentals of user experience design in an engaging and approachable way.

This online class was created by Mark Newman (Associate Professor).

Platform: Coursera
Duration: 22 Hours 14 Minutes
Number of Students: 32000
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Institution: University of Michigan

12. Intro to UX: Designing with a User-Centered Approach

You’ll learn the basics of user experience design, including how to use personas, wireframes, prototyping, usability testing and more. This course is perfect for anyone interested in UX design or wanting to learn the basics of UX design.

This video class is taught by Cinthya Mohr (Sr. UX Manager @ Google).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 45 Minutes
Number of Students: 7,768
Number of Reviews: 364
Lessons: 11

Frequently Asked Questions About UX

Why is UX relevant?

User experience (UX) is the term for the way a person feels about using a website, program, or other piece of technology. It includes the practical, hands-on aspects of how a person works with the technology, but can also include a wide range of other aspects related to the person’s experience with the technology. In other words, UX design is the process of improving the usefulness, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the technology and the person.

Is UX difficult to learn?

UX is a discipline that is broad in scope and therefore difficult to learn. However, there are many resources, such as books, online courses and blogs, that can help you learn UX.

What are the benefits of learning UX?

Learning UX will make you a more valuable employee. As the world becomes increasingly digital, UX knowledge will be a must for anyone in a professional position. It’s also a great way to get into the tech industry, and UX designers are paid well.

What do I need to get started with UX?

There are no tools or softwares needed to get started.

User Experience is a great field to work in as it offers a chance to help solve problems for your users. If you’re interested in User Experience (UX) design or just want to learn more about it, there are plenty of options to choose from. Above, we looked at some of the best UX courses on the Web to help you get started.