10 Best Hand Lettering Courses and Classes

Master penmanship, brush strokes, and typography with these outstanding online hand lettering courses!

Hand lettering is the most basic skill you need to learn to become a graphic designer. If you are familiar with the lettering style, you can create logos, posters, and so on, but if you need some inspiration, you can take a look at the following hand lettering courses.

Here is a list of some of the best online courses available to learn hand lettering.

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Hand Lettering Essentials for BeginnersHand Lettering Styles and Techniques for EmbellishmentA Comprehensive Guide to Hand Lettering: Creating Graphic and Script Styles
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What is the best Hand Lettering course for you?

1. Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners

Learn how to create beautiful hand lettering quickly and easily. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned lettering artist, this course will have you creating your own custom artwork in no time.

This video class was created by Mary Kate McDevitt (Lettering and Illustration).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Number of Students: 75,764
Number of Reviews: 2316
Lessons: 13

2. Hand Lettering Styles and Techniques for Embellishment

You can learn the basics of hand lettering with this course. Learn how to create beautiful lettering that suits you and your projects. Whether you’re an aspiring calligrapher, an illustrator, or an artist, you’ll be able to add some flourish to your work with the letters and words featured in this course.

The online class was created by Phaedra Charles (Type Designer & Lettering Artist).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 3 Minutes
Number of Students: 17,640
Number of Reviews: 808
Lessons: 15

3. A Comprehensive Guide to Hand Lettering: Creating Graphic and Script Styles

There are many people who would like to learn how to letter, but they don’t know where to start. With the help of this course, you will be able to learn the basics of hand lettering and discover which styles suit your personality best. The course is designed for anyone who wants to master the art of hand lettering.

The lecture series was created by Erik Marinovich (Co-founder of Friends of Type).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Number of Students: 14,026
Number of Reviews: 401
Lessons: 16

4. The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering: Create the Perfect Postcard

The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering is the ultimate hand lettering course for beginners. You’ll learn how to create your own unique postcards in no time with this easy-to-follow online course designed by a professional calligrapher and self-taught artist.

This video class was created by Martina Flor (Letterer & Designer).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Number of Students: 18,210
Number of Reviews: 1110
Lessons: 15

5. Hand Lettering Fun Phrases: Illustrated Wordplay through Typography

Hand Lettering Fun Phrases: Illustrated Wordplay through Typography is an illustrated course that introduces you to the exciting world of hand lettering. It’s a fun way to learn the basics of hand lettering, as well as an opportunity for creative expression.

This video course was created by Rylsee ☺ (Too Shy To Rap).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 53 Minutes
Number of Students: 6,955
Number of Reviews: 448
Lessons: 10

6. Hand-lettering for beginners

Hand lettering is fun and easy to learn. You can create beautiful words, designs, and symbols with just a few strokes. This video course will teach you how to hand-letter using the alphabet and basic shapes.

This online course is taught by Christie Daugherty (Artisan and Creative Coach).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of Students: 1,322 Students
Rating: 4.3 (124 Ratings)
Lessons: 26 Lectures

7. Introduction to Script Lettering

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of hand lettering. The course offers a detailed explanation of the various tools used in lettering and how to use them. By the end of the course, you would be able to create your own hand lettering art pieces on your own.

This video class is taught by Ximena Jiménez (Graphic designer specialized in lettering.).

Platform: Domestika
Duration: 3 Hours 11 Minutes
Number of Students: 4144
Rating: 100% (170 Reviews)
Lessons: 18 Lessons

8. Simple Words to Stunning Art: Combine Hand Lettering and Illustration

When you’re learning how to draw, the best resources are always the simplest. Hand lettering is a skill that can be used in any form of illustration, to bring an extra depth and meaning to your work. This course teaches you the fundamental techniques of hand lettering, and shows you how to apply them to a variety of projects.

The video course was created by Gia Graham (Designer, Letterer, Illustrator).

Platform: Skillshare
Duration: 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Number of Students: 782
Number of Reviews: 28
Lessons: 15

9. Hand Lettering: Learn Three Styles from A-Z

Want to learn how to letter with your hands? Then this is the course for you! It covers everything from the basic strokes, to more advanced techniques. The course will teach you three of the most popular styles of lettering. If you want to learn how to letter with your hands, then this is the course for you!

This video course is taught by Brainy Pixel Productions (Creativity Instructors, Traditional Arts, Digital Arts, Tech).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of Students: 274 Students
Rating: 4.6 (33 Ratings)
Lessons: 15 Lectures

10. By Hand and On The Cover

Hand Lettering is a fun and simple way to create unique pieces of art for your home or office. This course will teach you the basics of hand lettering, with lessons on all the basic lettering shapes and their uses, how to draw letters with different strokes and angles, and how to combine your letters for more elaborate effects.

The online class was created by Sergio Jiménez (Illustrator and illustrator of letters.).

Platform: Domestika
Duration: 2 Hours 28 Minutes
Number of Students: 762
Rating: 91% (43 Reviews)
Lessons: 10 Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Lettering

Why is Hand Lettering relevant?

Hand lettering is an artistic skill that’s rapidly growing in popularity. It involves the creation of handwritten text, and it can be applied to any number of applications. Hand lettering can be used for business logos, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and more. Hand lettering is a great skill to learn even if you don’t plan to turn it into a career. It’s a fun hobby that’s also a unique art form.

Is Hand Lettering difficult to learn?

Hand lettering is a fun and rewarding hobby. It can be difficult to master, but the results are always worth it!

What are the benefits of learning Hand Lettering?

Learning hand lettering is a great way to build up your skill set and learn a new creative skill. In addition, it can help you stand out in an increasingly digital world, where people are constantly bombarded with visual information.

What do I need to get started with Hand Lettering?

To get started with hand lettering, you will need a calligraphy pen, ink, and paper.

Hand lettering has become a popular art form. While it’s not something you should start out doing for a living, it’s a really great hobby to have. And if you’re serious about it, it’s possible to do it for a living as well. The best way to get started is to take a hand lettering course.

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