8 Best DaVinci Resolve Courses, Classes and Tutorials

Become a color grading wizard with some of the best DaVinci Resolve courses.

DaVinci Resolve is a video editor that has become a standard on many post production workstations. It is one of the most powerful and advanced editing programs available today.

While many people start with DaVinci Resolve as an editor, it also has become a standard color correction tool for a lot of high end productions. Because of this, we have gathered together a list of courses to help you learn the basics of Resolve, or go more in-depth to take your color correction skills to the next level.

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DaVinci Resolve 15, 16 & 17 Complete Video Editing CourseVideo Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16/17: Beginner to AdvancedColor Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced
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What is the best DaVinci Resolve course for you?

1. DaVinci Resolve 15, 16 & 17 Complete Video Editing Course

DaVinci Resolve 15, 16 & 17 Complete Video Editing Course is a comprehensive course to help you learn to edit video on DaVinci Resolve. This is a practical and in-depth course that will take you through all the basics of editing video with DaVinci Resolve. You will learn how to use the tools available in this program and also explore the more complex techniques that are possible when using this program.

This online course is taught by Phil Ebiner (Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students), Kashif Altaf (Bestselling Instructor) and Video School (Learn Creative Skills)

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 11.5 Hours
Number of Students: 27,049 Students
Rating: 4.4 (1,922 Ratings)
Lessons: 107 Lectures

2. Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16/17: Beginner to Advanced

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software used by the world’s top post-production houses. This course will teach you how to edit a short film in this program.

The video course is taught by Louay Zambarakji (Motion Graphics / Visual Effects / Video Editing).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 10.5 Hours
Number of Students: 17,401 Students
Rating: 4.6 (3,229 Ratings)
Lessons: 202 Lectures

3. Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced

This course is a step by step guide to color grading with DaVinci Resolve. The goal of this course is to teach you how to use DaVinci Resolve to grade your own film and video projects. You will learn how to do a basic color correction in DaVinci Resolve, as well as advanced grading techniques for DVD’s and Blu-ray’s.

This video course was created by Matthew Falconer (Freelance Colourist and Visiting Lecturer at Met Film School).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 32.5 Hours
Number of Students: 9,430 Students
Rating: 4.5 (1,594 Ratings)
Lessons: 129 Lectures

4. Learning DaVinci Resolve 16 Online Class

DaVinci Resolve is the industry standard for color grading. Learn everything you need to know about color grading from the ground up with this online class. Not only will you learn the basics of color grading, but you’ll also get an introduction to DaVinci Resolve. It’s a fast-paced and interactive class, so you’ll learn by doing – every step of the way!

The video course was created by Patrick Inhofer (Digital Colorist | Evangelist).

Platform: Linkedin
Duration: 4 Hours 33 Minutes
Number of Students: 0

5. Introduction to DaVinci Resolve for Color Correction

If you want to learn DaVinci Resolve, this course is for you! I’ll teach you all the basics of Color Correction and how to use the software. You’ll be able to use it for your own videos and tutorials by the end of this course.

This online course was created by Juanmi Cristóbal (Video editor and cinematographer.).

Platform: Domestika
Duration: 0
Number of Students: 6902
Rating: 94% (174 Reviews)
Lessons: 0

6. Learn to Color Grade and Edit video with DaVinci Resolve 15

“Learn to color grade and edit video with DaVinci Resolve 15” is a comprehensive course designed to take you from knowing nothing about color grading and editing using DaVinci Resolve, up to being able to start saving time on your next project.

This class is taught by Logan Bean (Best selling instructor – Author of Make The Right Video).

Platform: Udemy
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Number of Students: 6,924 Students
Rating: 4.3 (787 Ratings)
Lessons: 44 Lectures

7. Introduction to DaVinci Resolve for Video Editing

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful and popular all-in-one solution for video editing. This course will teach you how to use it. You’ll learn the basics of navigating through projects, importing footage, basic color correction, and some advanced editing techniques such as masking. By the end of this course you’ll know enough to start working on your own projects!

This lecture video series was created by Leo Fallas (Colorist and post-producer.).

Platform: Domestika
Duration: 0
Number of Students: 2097
Rating: 98% (51 Reviews)
Lessons: 0

8. DaVinci Resolve for Beginners

DaVinci Resolve is used by professionals for video editing, color grading and finishing, audio post-production, and visual effects. If you’re interested in learning how to use DaVinci Resolve to create your own films or videos, this course will walk you through the process.

The online class is taught by Alex Berry (Colorist.).

Platform: Domestika
Duration: 0
Number of Students: 1149
Rating: 100% (4 Reviews)
Lessons: 0

Frequently Asked Questions About DaVinci Resolve

Why is DaVinci Resolve relevant?

DaVinci Resolve is a software application that can be used to edit videos and audio files, as well as perform color correction. DaVinci Resolve is primarily used by professionals in the film and television industry, but can be used by anyone.

Is DaVinci Resolve difficult to learn?

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful tool for color grading. The software is built with a simple user interface, making it easy to get started with.

What are the benefits of learning DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is a software package that does everything your typical video editing software does. It’s built for the medium of video, and is extremely user-friendly. It also has a wide array of powerful tools that are not found in other software.

What do I need to get started with DaVinci Resolve?

To get started with DaVinci Resolve, you will need a computer with the Resolve software installed, a graphics card, and a monitor that is compatible with Resolve.

If you’re looking to learn how to use DaVinci Resolve, there are a ton of options to choose from. We looked at some of the best DaVinci Resolve courses to help you become a professional colorist or editor or at least learn enough to help you do more within your video work. Just pick any course from the list above.