ArtStreet FAQ

Please check back frequently as all of these answers are subject to change. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook @M5Arts

What Can You Bring to ArtStreet?
  • small backpacks and pursers
  • sealed water bottles
  • service animals
  • cameras
  • donations
  • a good attitude
  • an open mind
What Not to Bring to ArtStreet?
  • Weapons, firearms, pepper spray/mace, flares or fireworks
  • Food, beverage, liquid containers, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers or water bottles (Each guest may bring in ONE (1) unopened plastic water bottle, one liter (1L) or smaller in size. Water must be clear/non-flavored)
  • Workman’s Tool, pocket knives, or any other tools
  • Pamphlets or product samples
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets or chairs
  • Permanent markers or spray paint
  • Drugs or illegal substances
  • No Pets
How Do I Get to ArtStreet?

300 1st Ave. Sacramento, CA 95818


The two closest exits depending on which direction you are coming from are either 5th st. or 10th street. ArtStreet is on the corner of 1st Ave, and 3rd St. right behind News 10 1 block off of Broadway.

Is There Food at ArtStreet?

ArtStreet’s COKI (Collaborative Kitchen) will feature creations from some of the best chefs Sacramento has to offer. Every day, on site, these chefs will collaborate with one another to create food for visitors to enjoy.


We will also be operating a soup kitchen.

What Are the Hours of ArtStreet?

Monday through Friday ArtStreet will be open to the public from 3pm-9pm. If there is a special event that night it will close at 9pm, otherwise it will be open until at least 11pm.


Saturday and Sunday ArtStreet will be open 11am-9pm to the public. Every Saturday there will be special events that start at 9pm. Some Sundays ArtStreet will be open later than 9pm.


For information for each specific day follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Does ArtStreet Cost Money?




How Do I book a Reservation for ArtStreet?

You can book a reservation by finding the day and time that you would like to reserve through our ArtStreet reservation page on our website:

How Long are ArtStreet Tours?

ArtStreet tours will last 45 minutes. Please check back frequently as this may change.

Is there Alcohol at ArtStreet?

Yes. There will be a bar in the outdoor part of the exhibit. A bar inside running at all times called “The West End” and a bar inside next to the stage that will operate during special events.

Are there going to be Special Events at ArtStreet?

ArtStreet will feature a wide variety of musical performances. Film, poetry, dance and other special events will also be presented. For more information and periodic updates, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook at “M5Arts”.

Where Do I Buy Tickets to a Special Event at ArtStreet?

You can buy tickets for our special events on our website when we make them available, or at the door of the event if it is not sold out. Follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates on when tickets to shows are made available.

Is My Reservation or Ticket good for more than one person?

No. Each reservation and each ticket, no matter the donated amount is only good for one person. We are under a strict capacity limit.

How Do I Donate?

You can donate on our website at:


or at one of the donation boxes all around the exhibition.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to volunteer for ArtStreet please fill out the volunteer form on our website: